Upload receipts by email

Scan a document on your phone and send it via email straight in to Boatbook

There are many apps that can scan documents but one of the better ones is Adobe Scan as the software automatically adjusts to capture the best image.

If you don't already have Adobe Scan, download the android app from Google Play or download the iOS app from the App Store.

Open the app on your tablet or mobile and it will immediately go in to document mode and try to take a photo. Follow the on screen instructions until the image is captured and you see the screen below.

Drag the borders if necessary to square off the image
Capturing image figure 1
Save to PDF
Save scanned PDF

Click the Save PDF button and the final screen will show a list of scanned documents with the last one at the top. Click email to send a link to your email.

Saving the PDF to the device
Saving the PDF ready for emailing

Click the More button and then click Copy to Device.

Now go in to your email and create a new email. The To: address is your special Boatbook email address. The subject of the email is the label you want to attach to the document you are sending.

The following instructions are for Gmail and so might vary if you are using a different email program.

To find the scan you have just saved, click the paperclip icon at the top of the Compose screen and then select Attach File. This jumps to the phones Internal Storage. Scroll down to and click Documents. There may be an Adobe Scan folder within the Documents folder. Click this and you will see the file. Click on it to attach it to your email.

Then click the Send arrow. There is no need to add anything in the email body.

When you log in to your Boatbook account the Unattached Files panel will show the number of files in red.

Click on the panel and then click the Anchor icon next to the file. This will take you to the Attach Media screen where the contents of the file are displayed in the viewer underneath a search box. Start typing the name of the item you want to attach the file to - eg an Expense item. Once it appears in the search results just click on it to attach the file.

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